Wage argument continued

If you have read my first article on minimum wage, then this next piece should be a good place to continue.  But if you haven’t, I encourage you to take a look at the Minimum Wage Argument article that was published on Sunday March 26th.  Here I will continue making different points of how minimum wage affects our nation and people socially, economically, and even politically.

Yes, I did say that the minimum wage may impact how we decide to vote politically, but for now we will focus on the social impact of minimum wage.

Do you think that a family that make less than another family does so by choice?  The obvious answer is yes. Any capable worker in America can control how much their family makes, how much they spend or save, and how their income affects the choices they make socially.  A family that makes less money, is less likely to eat out, travel on vacations, buy a house, or new car, and have a savings and/or retirement account.  That being said, is it America’s fault that you are not doing all of the above?  If not, then why would you insist that you need $15 an hour to do all these things?  If you think you have a right to $15 an hour, can you tell me on what premise that right resides?  You live in America, the country of UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.  It is up to you to decide what your family makes, not the government or the American people.

To go further into income and spending, is a family that makes less than another family worse off financially? Of course not. There are many different factors that affect what a family spends, and how much they have left.  These factors include but not limited to, where they live, how big is their family, expenses, government assistance, and spending habits.

Lets take a look at a few examples of how spending factors play out with income and minimum wage.  A married couple that has no children, could struggle to make ends meet, where as a single income earner who makes as much as the two combined and has 3 kids, maybe doing well, saves for retirement/savings, and for their kids college tuition.

So why is the couple that doesn’t have any kids struggle paycheck to paycheck?  Maybe they have high rent payments, they spend too much on car payments, or maybe they just are not good stewards of money.  So that being said, why would raising the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour help families who don’t know how to manage it?

A successful family lives on a budget.  Some families may have different incomes each month, where as others have a steady reliable income.  Each family that lives within their budget is making every penny count, regardless of how much they make. If you think you need $15 an hour minimum wage, ask yourself, have you made a budget to live off of first?

Let me emphatically say this again, I am FOR each and every single person and family living in America to have a decent wage.  That being said, the federal government should not be setting the minimum wage. They should only be determining what wage their employees make.

So back to how your wage may determine how you vote.  If you currently rely on the government for assistance through, subsidies like food stamps, housing, Medicaid, welfare, or other government benefit, there is a good chance that you are a democrat.  If you are think you deserve $15 an hour for flipping burgers or waiting tables, there is a good chance that you are a democrat.  How would I know this?  Well because democrats are typically dependant on the government for assistance.  Some even believe the government owes them or should take  care of their needs.  Ask yourself, if you made $15 an hour or more, would you still need government assistance?  If you answered yes, then what point is there in raising the minimum wage if its not going to take care of your financial needs?  

If you said no, then why aren’t you doing more to make more?  Why wait on the government, when you can make whatever you want to make?  Sure it takes time to get to a decent wage, but thats what goals are for.  Start with reasonable expectations, and before you know it, you will be hitting your goal and setting new ones.  If you are limiting your income potential to what the government will give you, then you will be stuck, making less than $15 an hour and putting the burden on the tax payer.

So at this point, if you’re for $15 minimum wage and for government handouts, you have what I call an “entitlement complex”.  You are under the impression that we are to support you from birth to death.  You believe that you have a right to make at minimum, $15 an hour, no matter if its an entry level burger flipping, table cleaning, trash emptying, or grocery scanning worker, you should make as much as a skilled laborer, who can operate a fork lift, assist end users on computers, prepare  taxes, write computer code, work on cars, or manage a store.  This type of mentality, is a hinderance on wages and is why the tax payer will be stuck supporting you, instead of taking care of yourself.


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